Lighting Design

Professional Lighting

Set the mood.

Every event can benefit from professional lighting. Today’s advanced digital lighting systems are the perfect, cost-efficient, flexible tools for setting the mood at any event – adding drama, romance, excitement, and emotion. Maybe that ballroom you selected is a little oversized and dated? Uplighting brings the room closer together and gives it a diamond-like shine!

We’re the only entertainment services company in the area that offers sophisticated, high-end, wireless LED uplights from Astera Lighting. Uplighting paints the room in color, enabling you to create a personalized ambience that can turn even the most modest function room into another world – from dazzling and vibrant to warm and subdued. These lights can be programmed to match the music and create an exciting dance floor experience.

We can even provide unique, custom light monograms. These graphics, created with ultra bright projectors, can include static or animated typography, logos, and other graphics to spell out a custom wedding message, a company logo and slogan, just about any graphical image that can be projected on walls, ceilings, and floors.

From lighting an intimate function room, to enhancing the excitement of a major facility event, our lighting solutions are cutting edge and custom-tailored to your needs.


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