Meet the team

Matt Majikas

President & Mobile DJ

Matt started CMP formerly World Record DJs in 2007 and has been a DJ since 2005 when he started working as a Mobile DJ in St. Louis where he went to college. He is routinely praised for his unique approach to entertainment and is proud of his outstanding vocal presence as he was an on air radio personality in Worcester and a professional public address announcer for many years. His proudest career moment was filling in as the PA announcer at Fenway Park in 2012 for a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in which he got to honor the memory of his mentor, former Red Sox PA announcer Carl Beane.

Fun Fact: Matt is the “Original” Guiness World Record Holder for “The Most Holes of Miniature Golf Played in 24 Hours” with 3,035 holes played and more than 30 miles walked (published 2006). Hence, how he got the name for his business “World Record” DJs!

Rick Jess

General Manager/Event DJ

RICK JESS launched onto the Dj scene in 2005 playing nightclubs, bars and major party locations throughout Central Mass. He then started taking that party vibe to Weddings while working under other professionals in the area to perfect his craft. In 2018 He launched his own entertainment company which quickly became highly recommended, known for high energy wedding dance floors and customer care while always adding that “personal touch” to every detail. In 2023 we joined forces with Rick when he came CMP. He now bleeds our Cmp blue with pride!! Rick has been called a workaholic, but knows how to sneak out to hang with his wife & kids or catch a fish or 2 when time allows!

Fun Fact: If you call CMP on a Monday morning to chat about a wedding, Chances are Rick is sitting on a Kayak in the middle of a lake fishing for Large mouth Bass while gladly taking your info! Oh and he HATES COFFEE, Redbull is his bff!!

Jeremy Lanza

Chief “Photo Mirror” Operator

JEREMY LANZA has a degree from UMass Lowell in sound recording technology, so logically he would end up being a wedding DJ right? Starting with World Record DJs in October of 2017, Jeremy went from “new guy” to the “get it done guy” VERY quickly. From taking last minute gigs to emergency gear runs, we knew Jeremy would be a keeper. Jeremy’s primary focus for World Record DJs is operating our “Mirror Me” Photo Booth, but also helps to maintain our lighting and audio equipment. No wedding would be complete without our photo booth, or Jeremy keeping it up and running.

Fun Fact: A good portion of Jeremy’s youth was spent on a local robotics team. In 8th grade, his team made an appearance at the world championship competition, ranking 18th out of 130 teams.

Franklin Siplas

Production Manager / 1994 MVCS Kindergarten Poetry Champion

FRANKLIN SIPLAS is THE DJ Trivia Central Mass OG. Stage manager, audio engineer, and tequila connoisseur Franklin is a has been hosting and slinging self-deprecating humor since 2016. While he’s not on the regular roster of hosts right now, he’s available to fill in when your usual trivia spot needs a last-minute emcee. Send a margarita his way if you want bonus points (just kidding, that’s cheating, you delinquent).

Kevin Barbare

Voice Actor

(Tuesday’s @ Funky Murphy’s Worcester / Thursday’s @ Brew City)

KEVIN BARBARE is a voice actor and Boston radio personality who has been heard on everything from toy commercials and video games, to movie trailers and documentaries. A South Carolina native, Kevin is often hired as a “sound alike” for dozens of next time you hear Sam Elliot, Morgan Freeman, or Patrick Stewart (among others) think MIGHT be hearing him instead! Kevin once hosted a trivia night dressed as Captain Jack sparrow entirely in character!

Mary Knight

Coffee Addict

(Tuesday’s @ Funky Murphy’s in Marlboro / Thursday’s @ Mill City Pub in Fitchburg)

MARY KNIGHT is a former New England radio DJ who has a passion for music and hosting events. She brings the fun (and the gift cards!) to DJ Trivia each week, and loves getting to know her trivia teams. When not behind the microphone, Mary likes to watch crime dramas, and is a very average, beer-league softball player. On Saturday mornings, you’ll find her on the soccer field cheering on her son and nursing her coffee addiction.

Keri Tremblay

Ben Folds 5 Groupie

(Tuesday’s @ Mai Tai’s / Wednesday’s @ The Fix Leominster / Thursday’s @ UNO Leominster)

KERI TREMBLAY filled out her DJ Trivia application as a joke and now can’t imagine NOT being a trivia night host. She grew up in NY with her 7 other siblings which probably explains why she is comfortable on a microphone in a packed bar. Everything from hiking to biking, watching cartoons and true crimes, Keri has an infectious personality that her trivia teams love which is why they keep coming back week after week!

Kevin Boudreau

Nickname: “Bam Bam”

(Wednesday’s @ Quinn’s Blue Plate / Thursday’s @ Columbia Tavern)

KEVIN BOUDREAU is a native of Leominster, Massachusetts who has a passion for both music and performing. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Fitchburg State University in May 2013, and earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from The Catholic University of America in May 2018. Kevin is an avid vocalist and acoustic guitarist, and is thrilled to be a part of the superb trivia team at CMP!

Mike Tarara

Married a girl named Sara (let it sink in)

(Wednesday’s @ Partner’s Pub / Thursday’s @ South Side Grille Gardner)

As voiced by Christopher Walken:

Mike knows HOW to rock a mic…. like a vandal.

It started way back. In histo-ry, with a ROCK… AAF, and he, Mike T. But on a more serious note, this mic, this mic is his birthright, and after 10 years of podcasting (’d be damned if anyone would put their greasy hands on his birthright, so he hid it in the one place he knew he could hide something…his DJ Trivia backpack.

Jeremy Barbato

Cat Lover

(Tuesday’s @ Quinn’s Irish Pub / Wednesday’s @ Quarter Keg Pub)

JEREMY BARBATO is the longest tenured DJ Trivia Central Mass host. He is a lawncare technician by day, trivia host phenom by night. He dabbled on The DJ Bingo circuit but prefers more of a mental sweat. He enjoys golf, soccer, hiking and playing with his cats, Otis & Juliet. A nerd by nature, Jeremy has a thorough love for mathematics, D&D, Calvin and Hobbes and his cats. He has been known to show little mercy to his chess opponents. Also, Jeremy loves his cats.

PS: Meow.

Dan Reidy

Does TV things for Charter

(Clue of the day posting master)

DAN REIDY is a Worcester, MA native who graduated from Worcester State in 2018 with a degree in Communication. After deciding he wanted to be more on the broadcasting side of things he attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Newton, MA. While he’s working on starting his broadcast career Dan is happy to be a part of the team. He’s excited to host some trivia and help out at weddings.

Patricia Desnoyers

Concerts, concerts & more concerts!

(Monday DJ Bingo @ Scruffy Murphy’s & Wednesday @ Funky’s Worcester / Thursday’s @ UNO Westborough)

PATRICIA DESNOYERS may be new to DJ Trivia, but she’s not new to the scene. She hosted karaoke for a couple years and did some private events as well! Avid music and concert lover; Patricia’s spare time is mostly spent dancing like a fool at local and bigger shows all the same! Though she may be short in stature, she is big in heart and her love of hosting trivia and creating and atmosphere of welcomed fun which continuously grows well beyond her height.